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Click to Call widget – What is it and how can it help my business?

Click-to-Call, also known as Click-to-Dial or Click-for-Talk, is the recent marketing strategy where a call back request widget can be used to convert incoming web traffic into voice calls. The Click-to-Call service offered by Callback Tracker allows for direct and immediate connectivity to online visitors in real time. So, how does it work?

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Google Analytics Integration

Integrating Callback Tracker with Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Callback Tracker makes it easy to see phone calls initiated from a website that uses Callback Tracker widget in Google Analytics as events, and in Google AdWords as conversions.

To enable Google Analytics for Callback Tracker – go to Widgets / Widget Settings, enter Google Analytics ID and click Save button at the bottom.

Now after each phone call initiated from a website that uses Callback Tracker our widget will send data listed below to google analytics including gclid (google adwords click ID) that will contain visitor’s info.

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