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Live Chat Software for websites

Bring your website to life, and increase sales, while boosting your conversion rate by utilizing our live chat software for websites.

What is Live Chat?

Live chat software is widely used by many companies in the US and all around the globe. It’s become the norm to have a live chat widget as a part of your website. Many companies created Online Consulting positions, where they can responsibly work with prospective customers, reply to visitor questions, and even make new sales.

What Problems it Solves?

Live Chat software can be used by Sales, Customer Service and Support Teams – it increases response times, and helps customers make purchase decisions more quickly. It also helps resolve Customer Service and Support requests in a timely manner.

Key Problems that Live Chat Sofware solves:

  • Nurtures prospects into leads
  • Customer servcie
  • Descrease amount of lost leads

Expected Outcomes:

  • Increased sales
  • Proactive engagement
  • Improved customer servcie

How it Works?

Since live chat software for websites is so essential, we decided to add this communication channel to our Callback Widget, so you can provide your website visitors an array of options for them to connect with you. Some visitors might prefer a phone call, where a,s others prefer a live chat. The live chat also removed the need for your site to unnecessary call-to-action widgets on your site, which can slow website load speeds, and creates clutter.

How to Start?

Our free live chat software comes with any paid plan of Callback Widget and can be turned ON and OFF when needed. The Free version is only available for one agent, while the larger teams can get this service at $10/mo per each additional team member.