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What is Marketing Automation?

Do you want to grow revenue faster or increase operational efficiency? By leveraging marketing automation software and tools, you can spur greater customer loyalty and retention – hence improving the outcome of your marketing efforts. Read on for more information regarding marketing automation, and what your business stands to gain?

Callback Tracker is an all-in-one marketing automation widget that allows your website visitors to schedule calls, email you, text you, or even get on WhatsApp.

Definition of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the use of a category of marketing software that measure, automate, and streamline marketing workflows and tasks. It includes marketing tools that create a scalable and repeatable process, engages customers appropriately, and captures leads. Simply put, marketing automation software automate, execute, and manage marketing processes and tasks that would have otherwise required manual input.

5 Reasons Marketing Automation is Important


According to recent statistics, 9 in every 10 users of marketing automation software claim that it’s vital to their marketing efforts. So what is it about marketing automation software that fueled such an impressive statistic? And why are marketing software and tools so important?

  1. When you leverage marketing automation, you can track the online footprint of your contacts, determine the pages they frequent in your site, the content they read, and emails they’ve received.
  2. By knowing the stage of a contact in your sales funnel (thanks to marketing automation), you can send the right message, to the right person, and at the right time. This drives more customers down your sales funnel with minimal leaks.
  3. Marketing automation allows you to deliver organized and strategic communication to increase customer engagement. Prospects are engaged with highly relevant content that converts.
  4. Manually scheduling tasks, tracking marketing campaigns, and other repetitive processes require tons of working hours. Marketing automation software makes new processes possible and improves efficiency.
  5. Would you rather spend your time chasing cold leads, or focusing on business opportunities and building relationships? Marketing automation allows you to streamline your marketing efforts and build personalized connections with more prospects – all without the need for a bigger team.

Features of Marketing Automation

What should you expect from marketing automation? What are some of the common features, and why are they relevant?

  • Lead Nurturing: With the availability of information today, consumer awareness is higher than ever. Before prospects make a purchasing decision, they’ve most likely researched your competitors, background, and online reviews – and they don’t want to commit until they are ready. Lead nurturing, allows you to determine when, how, and who needs more nurturing using features like Live Chat to message users on your site, SMS to allow users to text you on the go, and scheduling calls so that they can speak to you on their time.
  • Website Tracking: How do you send a message (e.g., email marketing) that hits home? Courtesy of the web tracking feature of marketing automation, you can determine the needs and preferences of your contacts – allowing you to develop tailored and compelling messages.
  • Drip Campaigns: By capturing emails through your site, you can put them into an automatic Drip campaign. Drip marketing allows marketers to improve the rate of conversion by staying in touch with prospects through relevant content. It looks at the needs of different prospects along your funnel.

While most companies and websites try to adopt one of these options for their site, they are in fact missing out on leads if they aren’t catering to all forms of outreach. Potential leads all come in with different intentions, and to nurture them properly, you have to be in contact with them. To do so, it’s absolutely necessary to utilize a set of website widgets that can coordinate these methods of outreach. Callback Tracker is a great tool to manage all of these areas of marketing automation, so you don’t have to miss out on valuable leads! Callback Tracker is an all-in-one marketing automation widget that allows your website visitors to schedule calls, email you, text you, or even get on WhatsApp. By being able to track how your visitors contacted you, where they came from, and even track it in Google Analytics. Don’t miss out on all of the different marketing automation opportunities that you can offer your website visitors, and increase your website conversions with an automated marketing tool like Callback Tracker.