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Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation 10 Reasons Your Website Needs A Callback Widget

10 Reasons Your Website Needs A Callback Widget

Every website should have a callback widget. A way for potential customers to be able to reach out to your company through your web page. If you can’t convert visitors into leads, then what is the point of a website anyway?

What is a callback widget? It’s a widget on your website (also known as click-to-call or call now button) that allows visitors to enter in a phone number in order to receive a call back from one of your representatives. Where can they be used? They can stick to your website to be seen as users scroll through, so they always have an option to get in contact with you in their site. What else can you put the click-to-call widget? How about on your landing pages, eCommerce sites, and even be used with a separate number for your support page that specifically directs the calls to your support staff.

We listed the 10 Reasons your website needs a callback widget today

1. Every site needs a call-to-action

call-to-action is a way for your visitors to take an action on your site that would let them become leads/customers. A great call-to-action is a “call now button”, so that your visitors will be able to get a call from you regarding your services. It’s important to have one above-the-fold, as well. A study shows that a call-to-action(CTA)  just above the fold had 73% viewability, whereas the CTA just below the fold only had 44% viewability. It makes it inviting and turns your visitors into leads!

A study shows that a call-to-action(CTA) just above the fold had 73% viewability, whereas the CTA just below the fold only had 44% viewability.

2. Ease of Use

People are naturally risk-averse. Even taking the risk of calling someone on the phone is a challenge to the everyday consumer. To prevent this hurdle from subtracting from your leads, the call now button allows them to let you call them instead. This let’s the consumer feel like they are taking less risks, and makes them more comfortable, leaving a greater chance of them reaching out!

3. Increase Revenues

A call now button is a high-converting CTA. This means that you can receive greater revenues just from including one on your site. A case study by Adamence showed the company’s contacts with customers increased 20-fold, and the resultant conversions were 15% higher than before, after implementing a callback widget. Higher revenues are earned when companies switch from a phone number to a call now button.

4. Customer Experience

A click-to-call widget provides a greater customer experience. According to Google,  “61% of the searchers found click-to-call ‘Extremely/Very Important’ in the purchase phase of decision making, and 54% of customers believe in asking more questions/getting more information than was available on the company website.” By providing customers a way to easily reach out to get their questions answered, you are creating a better customer experience for them.

5. Increase the likelihood of contact

A 2014 study, showed that 75% of the people preferred to contact a business by phone. This shows that when website visitors have questions, they like to reach out and speak to someone as quickly as possible. In fact, 47% of the searchers described feeling “frustrated or annoyed” or “more likely to explore other brands” when they were not able to directly call the business (Google).

75% of the people preferred to contact a business by phone.

6. Install the Widget Yourself

A call now button is very simple to install, even if you don’t know about coding. All it takes is putting a snippet of code on any page you would like it on. In fact, using our website you can install the WordPress plugin to take care of it all!

7. Customize Your Widget

The click-to-call widget from BBG Solutions is customizable down to the button style. You can change all of the colors, and make it look anyway you’d like to match your site, themes, and style of your site.

8. Specialize Your Marketing

Having an ability to test which of your ads are performing better on which landing pages is an important marketing strategy. When testing, you can utilize the click-to-call widget to see which landing ad copy, landing pages, and more perform better by the amount of calls you receive. Callback Tracker also allows tracking with Google Analytics for you to receive even more data out of your marketing initiatives, increasing your depth of knowledge in your strategies.

9. Make Your Website Stand Out

When websites look modern and have easily available tools for the visitor to use, it makes the overall user experience much better. Callback widgets are important in the modern age, and when you are sporting something that 90% of websites have yet to utilize, you are ahead of the game, and your customers WILL notice.

A callback widget give your business the chance to up-sell consumers on the phone, which, according to recent studies, can result in 23% more sales overall.

10. It’s More Affordable

Click-to-call widgets are way more cost-effective than toll numbers, where you pay for the calls you receive. SInce it is placed online, and multiple numbers can be utilized throughout your site, there’s no need for toll numbers. In fact, you can subscribe to a set amount of minutes every month, and you don’t need to pay any extra fees! It’s straight up with no strings attached.

It’s important to utilize a call now button to turn your website visitors into customers. There is a huge demand for a way for customers to be able to reach you. A callback widget give your business the chance to up-sell consumers on the phone, which, according to recent studies, can result in 23% more sales overall. Use a top-rated click-to-call widget like Callback Tracker, and give your visitors the best customer experience while turning them into clients today.