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How Click to Call Widget can increase lead generation and fuel sales for a law firm

Phone calls are important. They help us to connect with people even now when we have social media and internet available everywhere. Sometimes it’s just easier to call the office, talk with a real person and get answers quickly and avoid miscommunication. Phone calls remain popular and more than 65% of prospective customers are looking to connect with attorneys or law firms over the phone.

Your online marketing strategy should consider these specifics when you build your sales funnels. Connection by phone with leads should be easy and seamless, this is where click to call widget can streamline your sales process. Implementing click to call technology creates a positive customer service experience when prospective customers are in the rush of an online search – they can quickly click your call back button and be connected instantly with your firm. Phone calls are 15 to 20 times are more likely will turn into conversions for your company.

In other words, click to call widget becomes your virtual assistant that transforms the overall buyer’s journey into a pleasant experience. It creates a welcoming and caring atmosphere and sets the right tone for a phone conversation.

There are usually two main reasons why someone decides to reach business by phone using a call back button. First is to find out quickly the business hours and rates, instead of scrolling thru the website. The second one is to schedule an appointment and describe briefly their case.

Let’s review two examples of how people are using click to call widget to connect with law firms.

First example

Lisa launched a new retail startup and looking for legal advice to set up contracts for local and international vendors. She begins searching for some templates online and understands that to get this right – she needs a professional lawyer. After visiting a few law firm websites she sees that Law Office of Bill McGregor has animated call back button.

She clicks this button to save time and callback widget establishes 2-way call connecting Lisa with Bill’s where she sets up the appointment.

Second scenario

Zach got into a car accident a couple of days ago and starting to experience severe neck pain. Stressed and nervous, he takes his phone and searches for a car injury lawyer in Chicago. He checks a few websites trying to find the rates and schedule an appointment. The one with click to call widget seems easy to connect and he clicks the call back button. A two-way calling technology connects Zach with the law office instantly where he schedules the meeting.

When thinking about those two scenarios, it’s clear that Lisa and Zach are in different positions of their research to find a lawyer. But when they see the option to bypass a contact form and use the call back button to connect with a local professional – they took it. And we can’t underestimate the power of real conversation. In Zach’s case, he was overwhelmed by pain and worried about the next steps. Cutting the wait time and connecting quickly to someone from your office is a powerful way to meet the needs of a prospective customer. It builds confidence and willingness to do business with your firm.

Integrating a click to call widget into your website is the first step to customer satisfaction and increased conversion rate. Besides instant call back requests callback widget can organize scheduled calls and connect a customer with your office at a specific time. This feature creates additional value to your services since most of the legal customer expect a response from a lawyer within 24 hours or less. If you are making it easy for your customers to talk to a rep or schedule a call at their convenience without “hanging” on the phone – it delivers such a high level of customer service that they can’t resist using your company for their legal needs.

If you are running different PPC (pay per click) campaigns it’s may be helpful for you track where the incoming calls are coming from:




 organic search or something else.

To get exact analytics – you need UTM tags created by utm code generator for each of your campaigns or marketing source. This will help you to get a handle on your incoming phone calls along with click to call widget.