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Callback Tracker Features

Call to Action

Increase website conversions and sales with a call to action button.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls from your website to any US phone number.

Call Scheduling

Let your customers schedule calls themselves, using callback widget


Callback, Live Chat, Text Messaging, Email, and WhatsApp.


Create your own departments and route your sales leads.


Adjust your widget colors, button styles and work hours.

Easy Setup

Our click to call widget uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track and organize your conversations. Please use our intuitive tools to install it on your website.

You will need to Sign Up for a free trial or one of our Paid Plans to establish your account with us and obtain access to your personalized dashboard. After that, you’ll be able to:

  • Add a new widget
  • Setup representatives
  • Enter communication preferences
  • Generate code or download the WordPress plugin
  • Monitor phone calls
  • Listen to recorded conversations

We are always here to support you during and after the setup process. Please send us your questions using our Contact Us form.

Animated Call back button

Instead of annoying pop-ups, our intelligent animated call back button will be visible at one of your preferred lower corners of your website. You can select when and how often this button becomes visible for your website visitors. Some businesses prefer to have it always on, while others have the widget show after the visitor begins to scroll. You can select the desirable click to call widget behavior based on your business model.

Key highlights of the click to call button:

  • Contemporary design
  • Customizable settings
  • Mobile friendly
  • Eye catching animation

Your new call back button can be customized from your personalized Dashboard. Select button’s style, color, position and many other settings that will help to serve your online visitors.

Call Recording

Our intelligent click to call widget automatically records all conversations in the background*. You can listen and review recorded conversations right after the call or later on at your convenience. It will help you monitor your company’s verbal communication, and can be used for training and shaping your customer service and sales teams.

A full history of call recordings can be found in your personalized company dashboard.

Benefits of Call Recording:

  • Monitor:
    Monitor your sales and support team call quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Learn:
    Learn what clients say about your product and services.
  • Improve:
    Use this knowledge to improve your internal processes.

* The visitor will be informed that their call may be monitored for quality purposes

Custom Settings

To stand out boldly, you need your creative tools to be unique. You have complete control over your click to call widget settings under your personalized dashboard. You can setup and customize following options:

  • Widget Style
  • Colors
  • Schedule
  • Behavior
  • Caller Greeting Voice
  • Caller ID*

We’ve provided maximum flexibility to our intelligent click to call widget, but if you need an extra tuneup, please contact our support team using Contact Us form.

*Custom Caller ID available only if you subscribed to our Business or Corporate Plan.

Text & Email Notifications

Our intelligent click to call widget sends text and email notifications to representatives linked to your account. If you missed a call or received a call during your non-working hours, you will get a detailed message with visitor’s phone number and the time they called. You can easily give a follow-up call or send a message to your customer.

Notifications help you stay on top of your inbound call streams and manage the flow accordingly. You can also see a call request log under your personalized dashboard.

Google Analytics

Great News! Now you can link your Callback Tracker account to your Google Analytics Dashboard to see graphs and use the power of Google to analyze your data.

To enable Google Analytics for the Callback Tracker, go to Widgets / Widget Settings, enter Google Analytics ID and click the Save button.

To review phone call statistics in Google Analytics, sign in to your Google Account, select Behavior / Events / Top Events and apply desirable filters.

Full control of Caller ID

Get your personal or business number to display on your visitor’s phone when a call is initiated using our intelligent click to call widget. As a default, the displayed numbers are standard caller IDs generated by our phone system, but you can customize it and display your own number.

Custom Caller ID available only if you subscribed to Business or Corporate Plan.