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Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation Has The Call Back Button Outlived Its Usefulness?

Has The Call Back Button Outlived Its Usefulness?

call back button is a control key that enables a website’s manager to communicate with a visitor on their website. The widget is put on a webpage and can be used whenever a visitor needs clarification on any content or product displayed there. Is the call back button a necessary addition to your sales and marketing design in the current age of computerized marketing?

The call back tool was developed in North America during the mid-1990s. Some assorted American and Canadian organizations received patents for the tool, and over time, it has proven itself to be systematic medium of communication between a company and its online consumers.

BBG Solutions, a tech company, consists of web designers, programmers, and marketing consultants. Its marketing professionals argue that although call back tools have been in use for quite some time, they have not yet outlived their usefulness, and continue to create impressive results.  BBG Solutions is the developer of the top-notch Callback Tracker app.

The benefits of human voice

A study was conducted by Redshift Research in 2013 to determine the level of customer satisfaction for online shopping sites, as compared to physical shopping. Of the customers interviewed, 30% said that in physical shopping, grievances are instantly resolved, an aspect absent in most online shopping platforms. The 30% also preferred to talk with a salesperson before purchasing a product.  A further 28% of the interviewees quoted the two points above as factors that would make online shopping experience better.

Introducing a call back button on your website can land you a 10% increase in website visitors who turn into shoppers and earn a 145% increase in online revenue. All this for only $14 per month.

Empowering your callback button

Now that you want to add this magical button to your website, how should you go about it?

  • First, keep in mind that impressions matter. A customer will only choose what appeals to them and will not wish to talk to you if the button doesn’t stand out. So why not make it as irresistible as possible to match your user interface? BBG Solutions’ callback apps support customization of the callback widget regarding text size, color, and even font. The button’s location on the website matters too, so remember to position it strategically.
  • While most shoppers are as willing to pay extra for products as they are to pay for a call back request, they may prefer not to. You have to make sure your customers know that your call back button is free and does not incur any extra expenses.
  • The Callback Tracker offers a response time of 24 seconds. It immediately calls the number submitted by a shopper and if there is response, it connects the call to the sales department of your organization.
  • The button’s adaptability is also important, and the Callback Tracker rises to the occasion. Through its interface, you can also communicate via SMS and email with the online shoppers. This feature attracts more customers and facilitates a higher number of transactions, as opposed to when the shopping experience is purely automated.

A study conducted by Forrester Research revealed that inclusion of Click-to-Call technology in a website gave it an average 143% return on investment. The “old technology” has been tested and recommended: why not implement it in your website and enjoy the benefits?

You can try today and get a 14 days trial. Do not hesitate to add value to your business.