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Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation Callback Tracker launches Zapier Integration

Callback Tracker launches Zapier Integration

  • Do you want to add lead information to your CRM automatically?
  • Need to instantly contact your team about new leads via Slack or Gmail?
  • Want all of your favorite marketing applications to update lead contact information automatically?

Callback Tracker is excited to announce that we integrated Zapier into our system. Zapier allows you to establish connections between 1000+ web apps, to add and update leads, trigger follow-up activity, and to be time efficient.

With well over 1 million users, Zapier is the most extensive integration platform in the world.

What is Zapier? Zapier connects thousands of web applications together, which allows the primary functions of your business to be automated. By linking web apps, data is able to effortlessly transfer between tools and workflows. All of this can be done without touching a single line of code or hiring a programmer.

Inside Zapier, you will be able to create Zaps (data bridges that you create between 2 or more web apps) which allow for the seamless data flow between your favorite tools and events. The Zaps are composed of a trigger and an action.

Here are a few examples of Trigger Actions:

  • Successful Call: Triggers after a phone call is completed and includes the post call
    information (duration, recording URL, etc.)
  • Missed Call: Triggers after a phone call was missed.
  • Scheduled Call: Triggers when website visitor requested a phone call during non working hours.

Setting up Zapier with Callback Tracker is simple. Send email to our technical support team using Contact Us form and ask for a Zapier invitation. After we will receive your request, we will send you personal invitation. You can then login to Zapier and create your Zaps (connections) to your systems.