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Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation Click to Call widget – What is it and how can it help my business?

Click to Call widget – What is it and how can it help my business?

Click-to-Call, also known as Click-to-Dial or Click-for-Talk, is the recent marketing strategy where a call back request widget can be used to convert incoming web traffic into voice calls. The Click-to-Call service offered by Callback Tracker allows for direct and immediate connectivity to online visitors in real time. So, how does it work?

An animated click-to-call button is displayed on a webpage and gives potential clients the option to connect with the company via phone call within 30 seconds, simply by clicking on the button. The Click-to-Call service by Callback Tracker is available for an affordable monthly payment. Here are a few reasons for your business to use the Callback Tracker:

Optimizing Online Sales Opportunities

When you give your website visitors a fast and direct way to call you through a Click-to-Call option, you can truly optimize online sales opportunities. Also, the option to contact you immediately makes your clients more assured and confident about the quality of your services. When your clients know that they can call you any time simply by clicking a button, it reduces risks of abandoned sales and visitor bounce rate significantly.

Improved Marketing Effectiveness

The main purpose of putting your services online is to get to a larger base of potential clients. The information collected through Click to Call widget helps you get to know your client base better.  What drives clients to call you? What are the reasons for those questions to appear? What products or services get most number of calls? By analyzing these trends, you get the advantage of determining what your marketing strategy should be to meet a client’s needs.

Boosting Customer Relations

In a study done by the Henley Centre,  an enormous 65% of clients would give preference to a company that cares about its clients, even if other companies offer better financial deals. The call back button maintains the relationships between you and your customer. With a Callback Tracker, you get the opportunity to respond to clients at any time. This also gives a privilege to clients, as they can call you when it’s comfortable to them, and with minimal time wasted. By interacting with your client this way, you show how important your customers are to you.