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Let your Customers do the Talking

The toll free 1800 numbers are efficient for business as they permit clients to reach your respective business for free. Given that clients call your business for free, the costs incurred are settled by the company. As such, the clients can reach your business through office phone or even your personal telephone. Below you can find concise tips on how to acquire the 1800 number for your

Most agencies work around the clock and invest heavily on Google search, social media advertising, and tailoring training and development programs for the sales team purposely to enhance their search to increase up to around 10% of their leads. The prospects of continuously looking for new marketing channels and strategies that are pegged on cheaper clicks. However, very few people can establish the missing link

Do you attract users to your website, but still end up with a low contact rate? We tried to find out what prevents clients from contacting companies, even if they have best deals. For example, a customer wants to contact your sales assistant to get the information about a certain product he wants to buy. If you’re using a LiveChat, a client won’t get a full

According to BIA/Kelsey’s latest research in call monetization, annual phone calls to businesses reach 162 billion by 2019. That’s more than double the roughly 77 billion calls generated last year from mobile devices. This might be surprising, with the rise of website chats and messaging. Sales departments should be happy with that because inbound calls are the most valuable kind of leads and opportunities for new customers. This is

Like any business, you have clients, and you don’t want them to go to companies you compete with. If your customers ever get concerned with your services, it’s important for them to know that they can get you on the phone without any difficulties. The Callback Tracker offers guaranteed callback in 30 seconds. The callback widget calls the customer and searches for an available sales representative to connect with