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Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation How to increase website inbound leads by up to 75%

How to increase website inbound leads by up to 75%

According to BIA/Kelsey’s latest research in call monetization, annual phone calls to businesses reach 162 billion by 2019.

That’s more than double the roughly 77 billion calls generated last year from mobile devices. This might be surprising, with the rise of website chats and messaging.

Sales departments should be happy with that because inbound calls are the most valuable kind of leads and opportunities for new customers. This is especially true if you sell high margin B2B and B2C products, or when customers need a consultation before buying something very important.

Still, some people feel uncomfortable making phone calls. What are the reasons for this, and how can you eliminate those barriers and gain efficiency in your website? In this article, we will take you through some solutions.

How not to lose inbound phone leads

As a way of communication, phone calls have many downsides. While we worked on increasing conversation rates for the customers of our agency, we made a survey and found out what prevents clients from calling a company:

  • Fear of having conversation with a person the client does not know.There’s always a chance that a customer could end up speaking to rude or unhelpful sales representative.
  • Customers do not want to waste time. Being on hold or navigating through annoying layers of voice menu options.
  • Users do not want to pay for making a call. Especially for those making interstate or international calls.

Even if your company is full of nice and competent sales representatives immediately replying the call without endless voice menus, your potential clients keep these cons in mind. This is what might stop your customers from calling you.

These problems are solved in live chats. This is one of the reasons why chats are so common on websites. Still, this way of communication is mostly useful when you want to get an answer to a simple question, like the price of a product. But what if your customer wants to discuss details of the product or get your consultation before making a purchase? Here it might be difficult. A sales representative gives his response with a delay, and having to type long messages in a small chat window is both uncomfortable and annoying.

What’s more, your business suffers too. It is nearly impossible to build a connection with a customer through live chats. You will never get a full and detailed conversation with your client. With customers’ migration from phone calls to chat messages, you get less opportunities for closing deals.

How can we fix these issues for regular phone calls?

A perfect communication tool for the phone

We conducted a split test and found out what is needed to make a perfect communication tool out of the phone:

  • A call to action button to attract visitor’s attention without blocking the view of the website.
  • An option to get an incoming call from an available operator, with no time waste.
  • Immediate response. Every time a customer submits a phone number, we call the client and when somebody replies, we reach company’s sales representative and connect them both.
  • A proactive communication offering to talk about specific details on the phone.

All these points are combined in one communication tool, where any user that visits a website can enter a phone number and get an immediate call from a sales representative in 30 seconds. It’s that simple.

Getting extra conversions with an AI-powered widget

Our widget’s AI analyzes user behavior: how much time they spent on a webpage, the amount of clicks they do, how users interact with forms etc. Using the collected data, we made our system able to show a popup window offering a call when a visitor is most likely ready to decide to buy a product.

When a website user requests a call, our tool automatically calls the client, then finds an available operator and connects them both. This means that your client does not have to wait on hold, and you get an inbound lead. As a result, when we installed this tool on our customers websites, we noticed a huge increase in inbound sales calls.

That’s how we made The Callback Tracker — a perfect tool to increase the amount of inbound sales calls.

Install Callback Tracker , and get an immediate conversion rate increase of up to 75%.

Try it on your website or get a trial version for free.