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Conversion Rate Optimization and Lead Generation What stops customers from contacting your company, and how The Callback Tracker will increase number of requests for callback

What stops customers from contacting your company, and how The Callback Tracker will increase number of requests for callback

Do you attract users to your website, but still end up with a low contact rate?We tried to find out what prevents clients from contacting companies, even if they have best deals.

What stops clients from making a call?

For example, a customer wants to contact your sales assistant to get the information about a certain product he wants to buy. If you’re using a LiveChat, a client won’t get a full and detailed consultation, because it is uncomfortable to type long messages and spend hours waiting for answer. Moreover, since sales reps can’t work with just one client for a long time, that also means that the customer may not be satisfied.

Knowing this, users understand that it is much easier to call, but what prevents them from calling? Usually, it is a bad client experience with call services.

Companies understand that the Click-to-call services require extra equipment, such as headphones, microphone. This might be a barrier for them.

Customers can also use a traditional callback form, filling in the personal information and wait for a callback. But they will never know when it might happen. It could be in 10 minutes or 10 hours. By this time, a client can move on to find a better deal.

Even if you have lowest prices and offer appealing conditions, potential customers will prefer to go to your competitors, because there they will get all the information much quicker.

And yes, clients can make a call using a regular phone, but only if they have patience and time to spend in IVR menu or waiting for response.

Even if all these listed problems are not related to your business, clients can always try to find a reason not to make a call. So how do you solve these issues?

The Callback Tracker breaks all existing barriers

The Callback Tracker is an automated click-to-call service, and offers an immediate connection within 24 seconds. Your clients don’t have to wait on the line anymore. Customers will have no need to search for another deal. They can get everything they want quickly and easily without any difficulties. Visit our website to learn more.

How can we guarantee that with The Callback Tracker, a client will leave a request for callback?

– Call-to-call services break the stereotypes. We offer an immediate callback in 24 seconds.

– Clients get fast reply in real time.

– Customers do not have to wait on hold for a long time for an available representative.

– Clients do not have to pay for a callback, no matter which part world of they live in.

– No headphones, no microphone, and extra equipment needed

Your customers can also request a call at night or on the weekend for an exact time on the next business day.

When they get their first call, your clients will be surprised at how quickly they are contacted by a representative. This kind of experience will make them want to return to your website again.

The Callback Tracker breaks the norms, and as a result, you get more incoming calls and a sales boost up to 75%.

If your clients know that the company they are working with is competent, experienced, and respect their time, then without a doubt, they will leave a request for a callback.

Increasing sales is your goal?

More calls from your customers equals bigger profit for your company. Install a trial version of The Callback Tracker on your website for free and we guarantee that your sales will increase up to 50%. To visit our website click the link