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01 FAQ How do I install click to call widget?

Sign Up for a Free Trial or one of our Paid Plans to establish an account with us. Login to your personalized Dashboard, go to “Widgets”, click the “Add new widget” button and follow onscreen instructions. After the new widget and site are added, go to the “Code embed” tab. Copy the code, if you manage the website yourself, or email the code to your webmaster. You can also download the plugin if you are using WordPress.

02 FAQ How do I setup the widget work Schedule?

Login to your personalized Dashboard, go to the “Widgets” menu, select the widget that you want to change and select the “Schedule” tab. Highlight your work hours and click “Save”. Your widget will display only during the hours that you highlighted.

03 FAQ How do I change time zones?

Login to your personalized Dashboard, go to the “Profile” menu and select the desirable Time Zone from the drop down list.

04 FAQ Can my click to call widget display during non-working hours?

Definitely! If you adjusted your widget Schedule and have some non-working hours, our intelligent click to call widget will let your website visitors leave a phone number and schedule a call during your working hours. You will receive email and text notification and can follow up with your visitor at your convenience.

05 FAQ Can I adjust the call back promised time?

Yes. Go to your personalized Dashboard, click the “Widget” menu, select the widget that you want to work with and click the “Widget Settings” tab. Change the “Dial in time (sec)” under the “Main settings” category.

06 FAQ Can a phone call go to multiple representatives at the same time?

Yes, and it’s a very cool feature. If you have multiple sales reps or tech support agents, our intelligent click to call widget will ring all of their phones at the same time. The person who is the first to take the call will be connected to the customer.

07 FAQ What does The Callback Tracker widget send to my Google Analytics Account?

After each phone call is initiated from a website that uses our intelligent call back button, our system will send data to your Google Analytics account, including a gclid (google adwords click ID) that will contain your visitor’s information. To find out more about Google Analytics, please check out this article on our Blog.

08 FAQ Do I need to change the website code each time after I adjust the settings?

No, let artificial intelligence work for you. Our click to call widget will automatically update all the settings according to your customizations. Please don’t forget to click “Save” each time you make changes to your widget settings.

09 FAQ Can I have multiple domains under one account?

Absolutely! You can add an unlimited number of domains (websites) under your personalized Dashboard. Go to the “Widgets” menu and click the “Add new widget” button. We recommend to setup a separate widget for each of your websites under the same Callback Tracker account. That will help you easily analyze inbound call traffic.

10 FAQ What does<br /> means in some of my custom settings?

<br> is a web page code (html) for inserting a line break. Our intelligent click to call widget needs that lingo to make sure it integrates seamlessly with your website.

11 FAQ How to link callback widget to my custom button or image?

Please use the following html anchor link code:
<a href="#callbacktrackerwidget">Request a callback</a>


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