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Virtual Phone System

Nurture your Leads, Increase Productivity and work from anywhere.

What is Virtual Phone System?

Virtual phone system is a cloud based phone solution that enables users to make and receive calls from anywhere, using either their laptop or mobile device. Virtual phone systems provide companies with the mobility and flexibility that was not possible with traditional on-premise phone systems. It doesn’t require any hardware, nor complex installations, since everything runs on the cloud.

What Problems it Solves?

Key Problems that Virtual Phone System solves:

  • Not having to use Expensive equipment
  • Not needing Cumbersome maintenance
  • Use of personal phones numbers for business


  • Affordable business phone number
  • Flexible call routing
  • Professional presentation
  • Call log and metrics

How it Works?

Callback Widget runs on a powerful virtual phone system. Because of this, we received hundreds of requests from our clients about virtual phone numbers, ivr systems, and call forwarding capabilities, so we decided to add these features to our system as a separate Product. It may be optional, but you can enable it yourself, and have all your communications in one central location.

  • Our virtual phone system for businesses comes with:
  • IVR system*
  • Business phone number
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • FAX (yep, some businesses still use those)
  • Nice Dashboard

*What is IVR system?
Interactive Voice Response or IVR is an automated phone system that interacts with human callers through the use of voice and touch-tone keypad selections (DTMF tones). It’s more commonly known as a phone tree. You’ve probably heard the common voice responder when calling a business that sounds a little like, “Select 1 – for sales, 2 – for customer service, 3 – for billing,” and so on… well this is essentially the IVR in action. You can use this same process for your business, utilizing our virtual phone system. And yes, your small shop, or growing startup can showcase itself as a large corporation to your customers.

How to Start?

It may look complicated, but in reality it’s very simple to setup and start using it now:

  • Start the Callback Tracker free trial
  • If you are existing Callback Tracker customer – just enable Virtual Phone System from the left menu in your Dashboard
  • Select a Phone number
  • Forward calls from your new phone number to your Personal or Office phone
  • Setup IVR rules
  • Make and receive calls, SMS, and fax using your business phone number on any internet-connected device from any location
  • That’s it