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Call Tracking

Track Phone Leads Generated by PPC Advertising, Facebook Ads and SEO.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your company. Marketing and sales teams can use call tracking data to measure the success of advertising campaigns, and optimize future marketing initiatives.

What Problems it Solves?

Knowledge of what sales channel brings more calls.

Helps by allocating marketing budget properly Print, TV, Social, PPC Google or Facebook.

How it Works?

The call tracking works by utilizing a new technology that tracks exactly where your traffic came from. This data is invaluable. By utilizing basic tools like Google Analytics, you are able to get insights into the source of your traffic, and the keywords that the caller used. It also can tell you the URLs that are converting the best, so that you can pinpoint what works. If you can find out which of your campaigns are getting the most traction in phone calls, you can better allocate your ad spend to cater to the winning platforms!

In addition to this, we also are able to utilize the traditional methods you may already know about. Traditional Call tracking works by inserting a call tracking number in your paid ads, emails, landing pages and website to see which of your marketing efforts are producing results. You get a separate phone number for each of your paid campaigns, and then the system tracks which advertisements bring the best results. For example, you can get insights into your campaign seeing that, TV ads brought 500 calls, Google Ads – brought 50 and Facebook – 900. You can then adjust your budget accordingly, and allocate more spend on TV and Facebook ads.

How to Start?

Sign up for a free trial and have a free consultation with our concierge service department to help you setup the Call Tracking Software for your business.