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Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS Messages Anywhere In The US and Expedite your Marketing.

What is Bulk SMS?

Mass Texting or Bulk SMS is the best way to reach your customers. It’s instant, personal and helps to keep your customers informed and engaged.

It’s when you send text messages to your customer base informing them about sales, events, appointments, new products or services. You are probably getting text notifications from your dentist about upcoming appointments, your bank about recent transactions, or even from online stores about shipping info already. But when it comes to text messaging marketing, there are more ways you can take advantage of it.

Text messaging also became a very important part of marketing strategy, sales and customer service.

What Problems it Solves?

Key Problems that Bulk SMS solves:

  • Informing customers about new products or services.
  • Avoiding email Spam filters.


  • Increased Sales
  • Increase Attendance
  • Instant responses

How it Works?

Step 1. Receive Permission

You need to get written permission from your customers to send them text messages. This can be done by creating an online form on your website, or adding a checkbox to your purchase form where your clients confirm that they agree to receive text messages from your company.

Step 2. Build your Client List

After some time you will build a client base with customers to whom you can send text messages. Then you can export your client’s phone numbers from your database, website or CRM and import them into our system. You can also use Zapier to integrate your Client’s Database with Callback Tracker, and sync phone numbers automatically.

Step 3. Send Text messages

After the work on step 1 and 2 – you can enjoy the benefits by sending instant messages to all the clients at scheduled times. You can even ask them to come to your sales event, or visit a specific landing page to showcase your new offers.

The beauty of this platform, is that all these communications will be managed from one, easy-to-use, marketing dashboard where you can see the people who contacted you using the callback widget, who responded to your mass email campaigns, and who and engaged with you after sending out text messages.

How to Start?

To try this in real-time, by simply subscribing to one of the Callback Tracker plans, and asking our support team to enable Bulk SMS (Mass Texting) for you.